girl eating sunflower seeds

Baseball season is around the corner

There are some basic skills children should have as players or spectators of the sport

Skills to be taught, these are not intuitive to all

  • How to eat sunflower seeds
  • Baseball terminology
    • Strike-The pitch is in the strike zone and the batter does not swing or the batter does swing but misses.
    • Foul Ball-The ball goes outside the fair playing territory, this is marked by a white chalk line that starts at home plate and runs along the first base and the third base line into the outfield.
    • Out-A player is out
      • after striking out-there are 3 strikes to an out
      • getting tagged out running a base
      • their hit is caught in pop fly or line drive
    • Stolen Base-a runner steals a base
    • Bunt-a type of hit that places the ball a short distance from the batter
    • Walk-the batter receives 4 balls, which means the pitches were not in the strike zone and the batter did not swing
    • Single-The batter is able to make it to first base without getting tagged out
    • Double-when a batter runs second base without getting tagged out
    • Triple- when the batter runs to third base without getting tagged out
    • Home Run- the ball is hit out of the park or over the fence or batter is able to run all the bases before the ball is under control
    • Grand Slam-when all 3 bases have runners and the batter hits a home run, it is worth 4 runs
    • Double Play-defense term, when two outs are made on the same play
  • Baseball positions
    • Pitcher
    • Catcher
    • First Base
    • Second Base
    • Third Base
    • Shortstop
    • Left Field
    • Center Field
    • Right Field

Back to eating sunflower seeds; a visual guide

Eating sunflower seeds can be a very messy endeavor and may border on being a disgusting display of eating.  The energy and skill it takes to crack open, dislodge a teeny tiny seed and discard the shell are incomparable to any other eating ritual.


Holding onto the small salty shell takes focus and fine motor skills.

girl about to crack sunflower seed

Preparing the see


Once comfortably in your hand, bring the shell between your teeth and crack the shell along the edge, also know as the ovary wall. Sorry to be so graphic; it is the anatomy of the sunflower seed, also know as Achene.

girl cracking a sunflower seed

Cracking the seed


As the shell is cracked, the seed is exposed.  Use your nail to displace the seed from the ovary wall.

Girl dislodging sunflower seed

Dislodging the seed


After the celebratory dance, place the salty seed in your mouth and enjoy your hard work.  With practice, you will be able to do these steps without much thought.  After a while, you may be able to put a few shells in your mouth and not use your hands at all.  More on that later.  Until then, enjoy baseball season, enjoy the smell of fresh cut grass and enjoy spitting seeds.

Girl eating the sunflower seed

Eating the seed