Have you tried to casually draw information from your elementary-age child about school?“ How was you day at school? What did you do?” The answer from kindergartens to high school students in every family, in every state, regardless of gender or age is probably, “Nothing.”

You may try every angle, be humorous, awkwardly weird, “ relate” to them (a big mistake), and even brave provocative topics,“ Was you teacher nice today or does she yell a lot?” “ No.”

“How is that good looking science teacher of yours? Is he married?”

“I dunno,” followed by a grunt.

Just stop. Don’t harass your child anymore. It’s time to accept that those age-old interrogation techniques no longer work.

When trying to get information about school, what they are learning, the scuttlebutt on the playground, you’d be better served scaling the wall into the kindergarten yard at snack time or hacking into LAUSD website…until now.

We are two years behind, but I got her to talk. In truth, she was always ready to sing like a bird. She has the inside scoop, she knows all the players, who is there and who is not, what the teachers think of the kids, what the kids think of the kids—and best of all what the teachers and kids think of the parents…she has the pulse on the second grade. She can tell you who started the trend with the “sports sleeves” to the top gift for the holiday season. She can update you on the political perspective of her peers (and their parents). She can provide more information than the…NSA. She’s an elementary school mind hacker. She is Maya—social butterfly, an intuitive freckle-faced kid and “insider.”