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Life Coaching

Trust. Transform. Triumph.

As a life coach I can assist you to:

  • Find the strength to change your life
  • Explore the relationships you have and want to have
  • Reflect on where you have come from and where you want your life to go
  • Take action by removing the obstacles that have left you stuck
  • Create goals that fit the life you want not the one you have or the you project
  • Follow a blue print for living your best life
  • Establish your voice
  • Produce a better you
  • Generate energy to sustain these changes
  • Re-invent the roles you play in your life
  • Heal trauma


Per session: $175.00

Packages can be used in lump sums or over an extended period of time within the year of purchase. A 10% discount of hourly rate is applied to package.

  • Let’s Get Started (15 hours) –  $2,362
  • Almost There (30 hours)  – $4,725
  • This is Going to Take A While (45 hours ) – $7,087


Sessions are typically an hour unless otherwise scheduled. Our meeting can be done anywhere, from the park to the library, on the beach, at coffee house or over lunch. Choose which feels more natural and comfortable to you. Remember, I am not a therapist, so these are not formal meetings requiring a quiet space, a waiting room or lobby. Imagine getting together with a friend and walking away with a boost of energy, a plan to execute for the next session and a feeling of gratitude for taking care of you.

  • Please note: In person meetings are only available in the Los Angeles area.
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