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Trust. Transform. Triumph.

Angelica Hernandez is a writer, speaker, researcher, and survivor. But deeper than any one label, she is a passionate communicator. Holding a master’s degree in developmental psychology and a doctorate in education, both from UCLA, Angelica’s work is best seen through the lens of social justice.

Through academic training interwoven with her own powerful story, she integrates issues of race, class, gender and social position as she discusses timely concerns. Her ability to reach others despite perceived barriers is effortless. Whether she is working one on one or with a group, her message and energy is clear.

Addressing current political, social and multifaceted issues around parenting, Angelica blends her Ph.D. with her personal experiences. As a survivor of physical and sexual abuse and as a parent in an ever-changing social landscape, her position clear, she is an advocate for children and the families that love them.

Angelica is a communicator of great strength, as well as a living example of hope and what can be overcome with a “never surrender” spirit!

As a speaker, I can cover current topics that covertly or inadvertently affect children and families.

  • Motivation
  • Being the best you, despite circumstances
  • Building relationships
  • Self-care
  • Creating safety in your home
  • Empowering children
  • Approaching difficult topics with kids and family
  • Re-defining poverty and wealth

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