maya-whisperAngelica is one of those rare individuals with a wisdom and insight well beyond her years. Her compassion, humor, and commitment all go toward helping to lessen the pain and suffering that children and families go through when they experience trauma, abuse, and poverty. She offers not only support that is compassionate and mindful but also practical advice for difficult and delicate situations, seeking to initiate the process of healing.

In supporting others, Angelica has specific aims:

  • Restore the hope in a child who has suffered at the hands of dangerous and predatory adults.
  • Motivate parents to be introspective and challenge themselves to be the best they can be.
  • Teach parents the importance of listening deeply and validating their children’s feelings.
  • Inspire a cooperative and collaborative conversation about what our part can be in changing our future.
  • Stimulate dialogue that has been considered taboo and leaves our children caring the burden.

Angelica has a fire that cannot be extinguished. See for yourself.