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Dinner Parties

One of my family’s favorite things to do is have neighbors and friends over for dinner. In fact, my kids have come to expect it and even ask if we can invite the neighbors over for dinner. Lucky for us, we have an incredible loving relationship with out neighbors. So much so, that on days that we are too tired, too stressed out or just don’t want to cook, we check in with our neighbor and ask what she and her family are doing for dinner. Most of the time, we bring over our left overs, she takes out hers, makes a vegetable tray, and dinner is served. Not only is dinner made quickly, clean up is a collective effort. Ah…we often joke that we should just live in a commune, it sounds grand, minus the creepy cult association.

Parent Recharge

Yes, it is difficult to imagine your angelic children without their parents for a weekend. There may be tears and “Please don’t go,” as they attach themselves to your pant leg, but keep going. You can have your own breakdown en route to a sweet little cabin in the woods. If you have children, you deserve a get away; it is only fair to them and to you.

Some parents have a very strong reaction to the idea of leaving their children in the care of others; I am not sure if it is an insult to their parental obligations or an injustice to the role of mother or father. Please, lighten up. Don’t be afraid of judgment anyone that does is simply envious. Go with gusto.

We have a handful of friends that we trust implicitly with our children. In fact, our children love them and have a great relationship with them. Any other dynamic would be disastrous. So, lets clarify they must be safe and responsible adults.

Be sure that that you provide a schedule*, extra spending money, food, a safety plan and permission to have some fun. We have a schedule template that we use for our caregivers, we change the dates and details as needed, we have a safety pouch we leave visible, that contains a current photo of each child, medical information and a copy of their insurance cards. We also have a consent form** that allows that specific caregiver to give consent for medical treatment in our absence.

Whew…all bases covered. Go and have a good time.

*See Sample Schedule for Caregiver

**See Sample Medical Consent


It is day 4 of my walking routine. I am trying to just not think about it and get dressed, get the dog and walk. The time I spend planning and setting up my workout regiment outweighs my time spent actually working out. I have scanned through Pinterest for inspiration, invested in shoes and even bought a fanny pack type thing to carry my phone and make me hands free. That was months ago and I still only have 4 days under my belt.

What is it that keeps me from venturing out into the great outdoors to see the ocean, green grass and smiling faces of my neighbors, discomfort. I feel awkward in my body. I have become the middle-aged lady with the apple body on two skinny legs. I don’t want to be critical of my body, so I won’t. But, I am simply uncomfortable, it is this discomfort that keeps me from doing what I need to do to make a change. This is definitely a catch 22.

When I was young, I did not need motivation to get moving, I played basketball, football, volleyball and had a hard time sitting still. Today, I would rather sit and complain. I trying to change that, stay tuned.

So, the outfit leaves something to be desired, I cannot and will not invest in the yoga/fitness/size zero wear. I am going old school, estilo Rocky Balboa, a t-shirt and sweatpants.

I recruited my 10-year-old neighbor for motivation. I decided if she doesn’t complain, I couldn’t.

Lesbian Parents

Seriously, my biggest concern was how people would treat our kids. I had known other lesbian parents, but they had their kids in progressive private schools. I imagined that there was an invisible support system in place as everyone was “included” and part of the community.

I did not want to have to pay tuition for my children to be welcomed and respected—so, I acted “as if” everyone was accepting of different families and non-judgmental. It worked.

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